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The Albanian

The Albanian

The Albanian is an original creative work by Dr Donna Mazza. The work uncovers Australian migrant identity issues relating to first generation post WW2 Australians and the negotiation of family/cultural identity against one’s social identity. It covers themes such as social and cultural isolation and the tendency for many Australians of migrant descent to search for a cultural identity beyond Australia. It problematizes these relations by looking at the experience of refugees from the former Yugoslavia in refugee camps in Sweden in the 1990s as well the experience for young people of migrant descent in regional Australia.

“Rosa, a young woman from small country-town Australia, longing for mystery, adventure and the exotic, is fatally attracted to a romantic image of Eastern Europe, arriving alone in Dubrovnik in the months before the implosion of the old Yugoslavia. Rosa has no idea of the politics, yet she ends up dangerously drawn into a relationship with a young Albanian on his path to becoming a political refugee. Unable to tease apart destiny, reality and fantasy, she becomes captive of her heart and the excitement and danger of the unknown.“


Dr Donna Mazza

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