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Document Binding and Finishing

Expo Copy Services offer our clients a large variety of document finishing and binding options. These options range from simple collated unbound copies through to perfect bound books with full colour covers.

There are many different colour stock cover options Including clear acetate covers for a sample swatch or advice on binding contact our customer service team.

Type and description of finishing and binding

Hole punching to suit binders and lever arch files with either 2,3 or 4 holes

Corner staple in the top left hand corner

Side staple normally two staples in left hand binding margin

Plastic comb binding of books that open flat and with flexibility to add or subtract printed pages easily


Machine Folding of A4 and A3 size sheets as a single fold, a Z fold or U fold

Plastic Spiral a continuos plastic thread that spirals through the holes along the binding edge of a book -available on request

Padding a glue strip along the paper edge to hold notelet leaves together in a pad format


Laminating of book covers, small cards through to A2 size posters

Saddle stitching of booklets for up to 15 either A4 or A3 sheets folded in half with two staples down the centre fold giving a total of 60 printed pages

Fast Back a black thermal adhesive tape binding the printed pages and cover being a cheaper alternative than perfect binding

Perfect binding for a minimum of 15 leaves to 25 mm in thickness with a the wraparound full colour cover

Wire binding a very secure way of binding documents again when opened will lay flat