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Print Preparation for Print on Demand Services

We are a ready to print service. Good quality originals give the best quality reproduction. All electronic files should be sent in PDF format.

Print out this page for future reference

Preparing to send an Electronic File to Copy Services for Printing

In order to ensure the file documents sent to Expo Copy Services are printed with an identical image as the document originally generated in Word, Excel or other software application on your SOE computer please convert your document to PDF format before sending to us. This process not only ensures accurate reproduction of your document it also compresses the file size reducing the load on the University computer network.

We also request that you merge multiple files into a single file document before conversion to a PDF. Should we have difficulty in outputting a file that has not been converted to a PDF it would cause a delay and would attract an additional charge for time spent opening the file and resolving any problems? If we cannot open a file or we find faulty formatting of documents we will return the file to you for you to resolve.

How to Convert Electronic Files to PDF format

  1. Open file that you would like to convert to PDF format.
  2. In the toolbar at the top of the page, click on FILE.
  3. Scroll through the drop down bar and click on Print.
  4. Press on the downward arrow that appears at the end of the name box in the Print window, this will show you the names of all the print engines your PC is attached to.
  5. Select CutePDF Writer, click OK.
  6. The save as window automatically appears
  7. Save to your Desktop.
  8. Give it a File Name and click on Save. - You have now converted your document into a PDF and have it saved to your desktop.
  9. Enter all the details of your request into the Print On Demand Request Form. The last page is for attaching your PDF to the request.
  10. Click on Browse, Look in Desktop and highlight the PDF you want printed.
  11. Click on open and your PDF is now attached to the Print On Demand Request form.
  12. Should you wish to have your file archived for future reference click on Yes and click on Send Request.

Original Material in hard copy

All work should be in a "Print Ready" format.
Please ensure that any pasted up material is done securely, especially around the edges to avoid originals catching up and jamming in the scanner. Hard copy originals on white paper provide the cleanest printed copy results. Coloured paper used as hardcopy can reduce copy quality especially dark coloured backgrounds. A digital scanner cannot read a black image on red paper.


Original material must allow for margins. These margins are needed to allow for machine operation and binding once the material has been copied.
A minimum of 20 mm must be allowed for all margins – top, bottom, left and right.

Page Numbers

It is important to number all the pages of any material sent to ECU Copy Service. If you don’t wish to have page numbers on the finished product would you please hand write numbers on the back of the pages in pencil. This helps us in a number of ways, the main one being that it is easier for us to check that all pages are there and none are missing.
Where page numbers are included these should be placed in the centre of the top or bottom of the page, not at the corners.


When material to be photocopied contains a signature, would you please sign the original copy using a BLACK PEN as other colours, particularly blue, do not reproduce well.


Forms, drawings and graph underlines should all be done in BLACK PEN; please do not use colours or pencil unless the work is to be reproduced in colour.