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Courses to suit your personality

Are you artistic?


If you are artistic, you are one of The Creators

Are you creative, imaginative, innovative, unconventional, expressive, emotional, original?

Are you conventional?


If you are conventional, you are one of The Organisers.

Are you well-organised, accurate, methodical, conscientious, efficient, practical, systematic, ambitious?

Are you enterprising?


If you are enterprising, you are one of The Persuaders.

Are you self-confident, assertive, persuasive, enthusiastic, driven, ambitious, inquisitive, optimistic?

Are you investigative?


If you are investigative, you are one of The Thinkers.

Are you inquisitive, analytical, observant, precise, broadminded, independent, logical, curious?

Are you realistic?


If you are realistic, you are one of The Do-ers.

Are you practical, athletic, straightforward, curious about the physical world, persistent?

Are you social?


If you are social, you are one of The Helpers.

Are you helpful, idealistic, outgoing, understanding, cooperative, patient, empathetic, kind?

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