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Future Students - Information for Non School Leavers

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Previous tertiary qualifications

If you already have some tertiary study under your belt - having either fully or partially completed an undergraduate degree at ECU or another recognised tertiary institution - then you may be able to use this study to fulfil minimum admission requirements into one of our undergraduate courses.

Furthermore - dependent on the completion level of your studies, the course structure of our course, the age of your qualifications and their relevancy to our course - you may even be eligible to receive advanced standing towards some of the credit points in our course.

Completed undergraduate degrees

If you possess a completed undergraduate degree at Bachelors, Double Degree or higher level, we would usually encourage you to consider postgraduate study in your area of interest - i.e. a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters level course.

However in some instances - dependent on course offering and discipline - you may only be able to study your area of interest as an undergraduate course.

Partially completed undergraduate degrees

If you have partially completed studies towards an undergraduate course at Bachelors, Double Degree or higher level, you may be able to use this as an entry pathway into one of our undergraduate courses.

What we suggest

We recommend that you contact us to discuss your options and the best course to fulfil your objectives given your prior studies.

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