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First year indicative tuition fees for undergraduate courses (domestic students)

You are viewing indicative tuition fee information for domestic students. If you are an international student click here to calculate indicative tuition fees for your course.

We are unable to display fee information for the selected course at this time. Please visit our Fees Calculator to view the cost of undergraduate courses and units. Indicative tuition fee information for WAAPA VET courses can also be viewed on the Fees Calculator.

Two kinds of domestic tuition fees are explained below. Identify which indicative domestic tuition fee may be applicable to you.

Commonwealth Supported Place

Under this arrangement, the Australian Government contributes towards your tuition fees and you are responsible for the remaining tuition fees, called your 'student contribution'.

You are eligible to be Commonwealth Supported if you are studying:

  • a Bachelor's degree;
  • an Associate Diploma;
  • an Honours degree; or
  • selected Commonwealth Government Supported postgraduate courses.

You must also satisfy ONE of the following criteria:

  • You are an Australian Citizen.
  • You hold a Permanent Humanitarian visa.
  • You are a New Zealand Citizen and you are living in Australia whilst studying.
  • You hold an Australian Permanent Residency visa and you are living in Australia whilst studying.

Please note that eligibility for a Commonwealth Supported rate of fees does not determine your eligibility for a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loan. For further details and to obtain a more comprehensive indication of fees, please use the Fees Calculator.

Domestic Tuition Fee

Domestic tuition fees (unsubsidised full fee amount) will be applicable to you if you are not eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place.

Domestic tuition fees also apply to non-award courses (courses or programs that do not lead to a higher education award, but are studied for general interest, professional purposes, or to gain entry to a degree program through an alternative pathway). More about non-award courses.

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Bachelor of Science

Major In Human Biology

Focuses upon issues of health and disease. This major combines the traditional interests of human biology, genetics, anatomy and physiology and evolution, with a biomedical analysis of the human condition.

It analyses health and disease as fundamental parts of the human experience, providing the knowledge and skills required by careers in human biology and biomedical science.

Related careers

Science Specialist, Lecturer, Medical Scientist, Research Officer, Research Assistant, Cytogeneticist, Microbiologist, Laboratory Manager, Biomedical Technician, Medical Representative, High School Teacher, Primary School Teacher

Major structure

This unitset structure contains information about the units which comprise the course as well as the credit points required to successfully complete it.

This major requires a total of eight units (120 credit points) selected from the list below.

Eight units chosen from the following set with at least two at the 3000 level.

UnitDescription Points
SCH1104Introduction to Pathophysiology 15
SCH1105Introduction to Pharmacology 15
SCH1111Fundamental Biomedical Techniques 15
SCH1132Human Evolution and Ecology 15
SCH1133Human Genetics 15
SCH1134Human Structure and Function 15
SCH1143Systems Physiology 15
SCH2111Applied Physiology 15
SCH2131Drugs in Society 15
SCH2141Advanced Biomedical Techniques 15
SCH2142Forensic Genetics 15
SCH2226Human Molecular Genetics 15
SCH2232Medical Biochemistry 15
SCH2235Applied Microbiology 15
SCH3145Biomedical Ethics 15
SCH3223Medical Genetics 15
SCH3227The Biology of Human Disease 15
SCH3236Pharmacology 15
SCH3239Human Immunology 15
SCH3244Developmental Biology 15
SCH3434Human Reproduction, Development and Ageing 15

This major can also be studied in the following courses:

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