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Our courses offer the right balance of practical knowledge and academic excellence and a wide range of study options.

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Indicative tuition fee information for postgraduate courses (domestic students)

You are viewing indicative tuition fee information for domestic students. If you are an international student click here to calculate indicative tuition fees for your course.

Postgraduate course tuition fees are generally charged at the Full Fee or Domestic Fee Paying rate. Government and University funded scholarships and financial support may be applicable for certain postgraduate courses.

Some general fee information for coursework and research study is provided below.

We recommend you visit our Fees Calculator for a more comprehensive view of the cost of postgraduate courses and units.

Postgraduate by Coursework and Honours

We provide scholarships and awards to students enrolled in an Honours program or Master by coursework.

Scholarships generally have selection criteria, which must be met, and can provide financial support to assist you with education and living expenses.

Higher Degree by Research

At ECU, we are committed to undertaking high quality research and offer a number of scholarships to students undertaking a Doctoral or Master by research degree.

Research scholarships support Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents.

The Research Training Scheme provides tuition fee funding for students in selected research courses. Whilst you remain eligible for this scheme, you will not be required to pay for your tuition fees up-front, nor will you accrue a tuition fee debt for the duration of the course.

To be eligible you must be:

  • an Australian Citizen;
  • an Australian Permanent Resident; or
  • a New Zealand Citizen

For further details click here.

Postgraduate Commonwealth Government Supported Courses

These courses are subsidised by the Australian Government. The Government contributes towards your tuition fees and you are responsible for the remaining tuition fees called your 'student contribution'. The rate of tuition fees changes annually for these courses.

To view the Postgraduate Commonwealth Government Supported Courses for the current year, please go to the Fees Calculator.

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Master of Engineering

This course structure contains information about the units which comprise the course as well as the credit points required to successfully complete it.

The Master of Engineering is a two year (full-time equivalent) award requiring 240 credit points of study comprising four core 15 credit point units, twelve 15 credit point engineering specialisation units and a 0 credit point practicum unit. The set of units to be taken depends on the chosen specialisation.

To complete the course the Engineering Practicum unit must be undertaken. This requires the student to complete a period of 12 weeks full time employment under the supervision of an engineer in an approved work situation. The Engineering Practicum can be undertaken during the break between the first and second years of the course, or at the conclusion of the second year (although note that this may delay graduation).

Year One - Semester 1
UnitDescription Points
ENS6139Engineering Innovation and Ethics 15
Engineering Specialisation 1 (15 cpt)
Engineering Specialisation 2 (15 cpt)
Engineering Specialisation 3 (15 cpt)

Year One - Semester 2
UnitDescription Points
Engineering Specialisation 4 (15 cpt)
Engineering Specialisation 5 (15 pct)
Engineering Specialisation 6 (15 cpt)
Engineering Specialisation 7 (15 cpt)

Year Two - Semester 1
UnitDescription Points
ENS5111Engineering Practicum 0
ENS6126Master of Engineering Project 1 15
Engineering Specialisation 8 (15 cpt)
Engineering Specialisation 9 (15 cpt)
Engineering Specialisation 10 (15 cpt)

Year Two - Semester 2
UnitDescription Points
ENS5543Engineering Management 15
ENS6127Master of Engineering Project 2 15
Engineering Specialisation 11 (15 cpt)
Engineering Specialisation 12 (15 cpt)

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