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    Nursing & Midwifery

Nursing & Midwifery

ECU offers a range of unique specialist undergraduate Nursing and Midwifery courses. Our renowned Nursing program is the largest in WA, while our Nursing and Midwifery double degree program offers an innovative and broad study approach for entry into the field of nursing and midwifery.

Courses provide students with access to state-of-the-art health and wellness facilities featuring demonstration and clinical practice wards, health simulations that encourage scenario‑based learning and practicum placements with a range of off-campus health providers.

Expanding the scope of ECU's Nursing course

From 2013, ECU's Bachelor of Science (Nursing) course will include a stronger focus on the changing health needs of Australians, and provide an even higher level of practical training from Semester One.

This accredited course is focused across the health spectrum, from primary to tertiary care, preparing graduates for a range of nursing roles within healthcare.

International community placement

Our Nursing program offers students the opportunity to undertake a community placement overseas, where they're able to work in a different healthcare system and experience health from a diverse cultural background. Currently, community placement opportunities are available to students in Laos, the Philippines, Thailand and Tanzania.

Partnership programs with a difference

Partnerships Undergraduate Program (PUP) offers Nursing students the opportunity to undertake all their practical units in the one hospital setting, allowing them access to helpful resources, as well as networking opportunities.

These unique partnership programs are available at a range of healthcare facilities including Joondalup Health Campus, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, St John of God Hospital (Subiaco), Swan Kalamunda Health Service, Osborne Park Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital.

"My community placement in Tanzania was a great experience."

"I was very lucky to be part of the Global Health Alliance of WA project which saw me spend two weeks in Tanzania on a community placement. It was an emotionally challenging experience, but a culturally-enriching one that will continue to shape me for years to come."

Sarah Kelly
Nursing graduate

ECU's Nursing course: Available at our South West campus

ECU's Bachelor of Science (Nursing) course can also be studied at our South West campus in Bunbury.

The facilities are the most sophisticated in Regional Western Australia. They include a nursing demonstration ward and a high dependency ward. The technology and equipment utilised in Bunbury is the same as that featured at our Joondalup campus, ensuring that all ECU Nursing students have access to the same supportive learning environment.

ECU's outstanding health and wellness facilities

Our purpose-built Health and Wellness building incorporates health demonstration and clinical practice wards that provide a safe, authentic environment for clinical skills development, all designed to increase the competence and confidence of students.

The demonstration wards contain 52 beds that meet Australian healthcare standards. Students have the opportunity for experiential hands-on practice to learn nursing and midwifery skills in a variety of simulated healthcare settings.

ECU Nursing student wins the Gertrude Berger Nursing Award

ECU Nursing student Sharon Teale was awarded the prestigious Gertrude Berber Award from the Royal College of Nursing, Australia (RCNA). The award recognises outstanding contributions to professional excellence in nursing practice and is awarded to nurses who demonstrate a commitment to one or more professional organisations, including active participation in a leadership role.

Midwifery Students Gain First-Hand Experience Off-Campus

Every year, Nursing and Midwifery double degree students have the opportunity to attend the Cyril Jackson Health Festival, conducted at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus in Bassendean.

The event provides students with the opportunity to learn about pre‑conceptual health, antenatal care, birthing and postnatal care for both mother and child.

Students have access to cutting edge equipment, including birthing simulators, Newby (simulation newborn baby), empathy bellies (pregnancy bellies) and an abdominal palpation torso for listening to the foetal heartbeat.

"I'd definitely recommend ECU to anyone who's thinking about a career in nursing."

"The combination of clinical training and practical knowledge has definitely given me the confidence and skills required to work in the fast-paced, high-pressure setting of a hospital. During the course, I spent time at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital which was a fantastic experience."

Shu Chong Tang
Nursing graduate

Factors distinguishing our Nursing program

Our undergraduate Nursing program is distinctive as it links the following three areas of activity that are directed at complementing and strengthening clinical development for undergraduate nursing students:

  • Clinical training innovations including health simulations using actors and full human patient simulators, scenario-based learning, intensive clinical up-skilling, clinical skills workshops and resources such as DVDs for self-directed learning
  • Clinical competency assessment relates to the delivery of a competency development framework which means that students are well prepared with the skills and competencies required for the level and context of care in which they find themselves when on 'prac'
  • Clinical partnerships and industry collaboration encompassing a unique arrangement whereby the School has strategic alliances with metropolitan and rural hospitals and regions, as well as the private sector, for undergraduate nursing students to undertake their clinical placements in the one setting

ECU Nursing: Offering Graduates Amazing Employment Opportunities

Twenty new graduate Registered Nurses who completed their undergraduate nursing degrees at ECU have successfully gained positions in the graduate program at Joondalup Health Campus. Eleven of these students have elected to continue their relationship with ECU by enrolling in the postgraduate Graduate Certificate in Transition Nursing whilst participating in their hospital based graduate course. Similar links exist between ECU and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital for new graduates.

These healthcare facilities also have strong links with ECU in their postgraduate specialty courses, including cardiac, renal, ICU, paediatrics and oncology nursing. The bipartisan agreements between these facilities and ECU ensure postgraduate students have the best of both the academic and clinical support staff to assist them in their studies.

"My ECU Nursing degree helped me help people in need."

"My aunt died in a hospital in the Philippines due to a lack of proper care, so I wanted a degree that could help make a difference in the world. With ECU's overseas partnership I got the chance to work in rural parts of Laos. We had very basic equipment, if any to work with, and our patients needed so much more than we could provide. However, practicing nursing in another country was an experience I will treasure for years."

Joanna Hume
Nursing graduate

Leading the market in education excellence

Our new Centre of Excellence in Healthcare Simulation and demonstration areas housed in the new Health and Wellness building on the Joondalup Campus provides a safe authentic environment for clinical skills development.

The simulation suites can be configured to different settings such as operating theatres, consulting rooms, wards, birthing suites and intensive care.

Each suite has cutting edge recording and interactive audio-visual facilities and its own set up/debriefing rooms and observation areas.

A partnership with the WA Academy of Performing Arts provides actors to perform the roles for scenarios so students can feel the realistic and practical nature of the situation.

Along with outstanding facilities, ECU Nursing has inspirational staff. Nursing lecturer Helene Metcalfe won the “Nurse Educator of the Year 2009” award at the Nurses and Midwives Board of Western Australia Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards. The judges acknowledged her commitment to teaching and learning, her enthusiasm for nurse education and her approach to supporting and mentoring colleagues.

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