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  • Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

    Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) offers students the opportunity to pursue their artistic dreams.

It enjoys a national reputation and international recognition for the quality of its graduates.

It provides the most comprehensive range of performing arts training in Australia. Students can choose from internationally recognised courses in arts management, broadcasting, creative arts, music and the performing arts.

Entry into the courses is highly competitive. World-class staff working in state-of-the-art performance and teaching facilities provide rigorous and specialised training of the highest order.

"I decided on completion of my Bachelor of Music, that my depth of skill and artistic development was incomplete to enter a professional and international arena. This motivated me to undertake a Master of Arts (Creative Arts) in the area Classical Voice, which enabled me to grow immensely as a musician and performer. It brought to my attention the varied elements of opera as an art form (as well as the subtleties of performance) and commenced my journey as an artist. It was a huge realisation that a life of a performer is that of an eternal student. My training at WAAPA has provided me with the ability to conquer my fears, and to obtain a real picture of my strengths and weaknesses. My greatest achievements are all of the performances I have given during my time at WAAPA, as I have learnt something from all of them."

Caitlin Cassidy
Master of Arts (Creative Arts) student

Showcasing your talent

In this creative environment students pursue artistic excellence, both on and off the stage.

Each year students, staff and critically acclaimed guest artists collaborate to present well over 200 public performances, broadcasts and exhibitions - more productions and more diversity than any other arts training institution in Australia. See the WAAPA events calendar.



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