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PhD & research degrees

Our research degrees provide a stimulating intellectual challenge for those looking to be involved at the cutting edge of their field. These degrees normally involve the production of a written body of researched work, known as a thesis, or the production of a creative work plus an exegesis.

Information for School Leavers | Non-School Leavers | International

Master by research, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professional Doctorate
Information for Postgraduates | International

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Why research at ECU?

ECU has a vibrant research community that is committed to supporting research students on their research journey.

We provide:

  • expert supervisors;
  • valuable support services;
  • research training and workshops;
  • career development opportunities; and
  • financial assistance and scholarships.

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Find a supervisor

Our research supervisors will inspire and guide you through your research journey. Identify an expert in your area of interest using our Find a supervisor tool.

For information on availability, contact your faculty for research & higher degrees support:

Current research projects

Explore the diverse and exciting research projects currently being undertaken in our faculties.

Discover ECU's unique Visualising Research project

Fees & Scholarships

Find out how much a research degree will cost.

Information for School Leavers | Non-School Leavers | Postgraduate | International

There are several scholarship opportunities for current and future students undertaking a research degree.

Information for Honours | Masters and Doctoral

Pathways to research

There are several entry pathways to our research degrees.

Information for School Leavers | Non-School Leavers | Postgraduate

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