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Biology & Environmental Sciences

Thumbnail picture of Dr Alexander Watson

Dr Alexander Watson

"I now work for the Wilderness Society helping to protect, promote and restore Australia's Wild Country."
Environmental Management graduate

Thumbnail picture of James White

James White

"I found myself in high demand immediately upon graduation."
Applied Chemistry graduate

Thumbnail picture of Matthew Winters

Matthew Winters

"Chemistry is challenging but ECU brings it to life."
Applied Chemistry graduate

Thumbnail picture of Thea McDonald-Lee


"Surf Science has offered me so many unique opportunities."
Surf Science graduate

Thumbnail picture of Karina Inostroza

Karina Inostroza

"My lecturers were passionate and committed."
Marine and Freshwater Biology Honours student

Thumbnail picture of David Weir

David Weir

"The emphasis on practical learning at ECU helped me transition smoothly into the workplace."
Environmental Science graduate

Thumbnail picture of Marcus Cosentino

Marcus Cosentino

"My course allows me to do things most people only dream of."
Biological Sciences Masters student

Thumbnail picture of Hayley White

Hayley White

"ECU gives you science skills you can use in the real world."
Science graduate

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