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Computing & Security

Thumbnail picture of Amanda East

Amanda East

"Security is an intriguing field, and so relevant to our current global situation."
Counter Terrorism and Security Science student

Thumbnail picture of Patryk Szewczyk

Patryk Szewczyk

"I've always had a very keen interest in computer and network security"
Security and Computing PhD student

Thumbnail picture of Nicolas Garel

Nicolas Garel

"My real-world skills allow me to make unreal computer games!"
Computer Science graduate

Thumbnail picture of Jay Vora

Jay Vora

"It's great preparation for defending systems against hackers."
Network Security student

Thumbnail picture of Emma Downing

Emma Downing

"The ECU campus is fantastic and the lecturers are great."
Counter Terrorism Security and Intelligence student

Thumbnail picture of Vinh Dang

Vinh Dang

"I enrolled in my course because the University offered ever-evolving campus infrastructure, technological advancements and accessible engineering facilities."
Security Science & Computing PhD candidate

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