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Indigenous entry

Your Australian Indigenous students can choose to enter ECU using two specialised entry pathways, in addition to our other entry pathway options.

Indigenous Student Intake Test (ISIT)

ISIT is comprised of a supervised test and an interview; and was designed to create a non confronting experience.

  • A passing grade of 60% fulfils minimum admission requirements into undergraduate ECU courses.
  • A score of less that 60% may enable them to enter via the Indigenous University Orientation Course or alternative.
    In this case, they will be counselled about entry pathway options.

More information about ISIT.

Indigenous University Orientation Course (IUOC)

Tailored to enhance the learning skills of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders within the framework of their cultural and social aspirations.

It prepares Indigenous Australian students with the academic skills and understanding required to engage with the knowledge and processes of university degree studies. The course covers preparation of university writing skills; university reading skills and basic computer skills.

Course information & admission requirements for the Indigenous University Orientation Course.

Need time to settle in?

If they successfully sat the WACE exams and are eligible to apply for an undergraduate course - but feel they need to gradually adjust to tertiary study, we encourage them to consider using the IUOC to acclimatise.

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