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Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

If your students have successfully completed Registered Training Organisation (RTO)/Vocational Education and Training qualifications from a recognised institution, such as TAFE or PIBT, they may be able to use this study to fulfil minimum admission requirements into one of our undergraduate courses or the University Preparation Course.

Vocational qualification levels

The level of our courses they would meet the requirements for will depend on:

  1. the level of vocational qualification they have completed; and
  2. whether they completed it as part of their secondary studies or as a mature age student
With a Vocational qualification level Completed at secondary school Completed as a mature age student
Certificate I
Certificate II
No ECU courses or programs No ECU courses or programs
Certificate III No ECU courses or programs University Preparation Courses
Certificate IV Plus WACE English Stage 2 or 3: Bachelor, Associate Degree or University Preparation Course Most undergraduate ECU courses
Plus A grade in WACE English 1C and 1D: University Preparation Course
Advanced Diploma
University Preparation Courses Most undergraduate ECU courses

If they hold a Certificate III or Certificate IV and need to be counselled about courses they are eligible to apply for, please encourage them to contact us.

If they have completed a Diploma or Advanced Diploma, dependent on the completion level of their studies, the course structure of our course, the age of their qualifications and relevancy to our course; they may even be eligible to receive advanced standing towards some of the credit points in our course.

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