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What's uni like?

The first few months at university are very exciting as you discover an expanding social life and increased freedom and opportunities.

However all students will experience some sort of adjustment period, no matter what your background. This is especially true if you've moved away from home, or if you are the first in your family to go to uni.

Life as a uni student

Life as a uni student is quite different to that of a high school student. No bells, no uniform, and no detention!

But it's not all plain sailing either - university study is quite different to school study. It requires much more self motivation and responsibility

New Community

We have over 23,500 students studying across our three campuses and online.

Aside from studying with people who have similar interests and ambitions, you'll interact with people from a range of different countries and cultures.

Freedom to Choose

Flexible study options allow you to have the freedom to choose your course, in many cases your majors and electives, and even whether you study on‑campus or online.

Space to Study

Forget cramped classrooms. You'll find great study spaces and facilities all over our campuses, including libraries with cafés, fully‑equipped computer labs and shaded outdoor grassed areas and tables.

Being Connected

Our students have access to 24-hour on‑campus computing facilities, enabling you to carry out study or research at a time convenient to you.

New Ways of Learning

We encourage you to find a way of learning that suits you.

Most students have one lecture or seminar per week per unit, lasting from 1-3 hours, and each unit usually has a tutorial for 1-2 hours.

It will be up to you to develop a timetable that balances your requirements, however, our staff are always available to provide assistance.

You can can access our learning support services for advice on how to develop your study skills and meet the demands of assessments. Our Learning Advisers also conduct workshops and see students one‑on‑one and in group consultations.

Specialist Support

In addition to financial assistance and learning support, we also offer an enormous range of support in other areas, like counselling for personal problems, services for students with a disability, employment advice and career development and medical advice.

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