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Associate Professor Jim Cross

Associate Dean (International)

Contact Information Telephone: (61 8) 6304 3445, Mobile: +61(0)419956251, Email:, Campus: Joondalup, Room: JO21.518
Staff Member Details
Telephone: (61 8)  6304 3445  
Mobile: +61(0)419956251  
Facsimile: (61 8)  +61(8)6304 5577  
Campus: Joondalup  
Room: JO21.518  



Jim has over 30 years of experience in higher education as an academic and senior leader. He has received a variety of awards including the University Medal and award for excellence in promotion of students in postgraduate research.

Jim has taught a wide range of mathematics, statistics and research preparation units at ECU and the former colleges since 1978. He is currently the Associate Dean, International and has worked in a number of academic leadership positions within the Faculty as Head of Department of Mathematics and Associate Dean.

Jim is a Fellow of the Australian Mathematical Society and a member of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the Natural Resource Modelling Association. 

Jim has initiated and contributed to international projects in South East Asia including AusAid and World Bank Projects, international education research and international conferences /workshops.


Associate Dean International, ECU international and Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science.


  • B Maths Hons, Newcastle
  • PhD, ANU


Research interest:

  • International Education
  • Time Series Analysis and Modelling

Current research area:

  • Time Series Analysis of Infectious Disease Incidence and interventions.
  • International Engagement for Sustainability

Recent publications


  • Cross, J and Renner J. (2009) Chapter 5:. Community Engagement for Sustainability: An Invitation and a Challenge to all Universities Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability, Peter Lang 31, 61-72.

Refereed journal and conference articles:

  • Aboagye-Sarfo, P, Cross J and Mueller U (2010)”Trend analysis and short-term forecast of incident HIV infection in Ghana”,,African Jounal of Aids Research 9, 165-173.
  • Cross, J and Renner J. (2008) Community Engagement for Sustainability: An Invitation and a Challenge to all Universities Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability, Proceedings of EDU-COM 2008 International Conference 385-94
  • Thongprasert N, and Cross J (2008) Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Knowledge Sharing for Different Virtual Classroom Environments: A Case Study of Thai Students in Thai and Australian Universities. Proceedings of EDU-COM 2008 International Conference. 514-523.
  • Cross, J.M. (2006) ”Engaging Diversity at an Australian University: Chinese International Students’ Perceptions of their Social Experience while studying in Australia”, Proceedings of the EDU-COM 2006 International Conference, Edith Cowan University. 154-163.
  • Ahmed, S, Cross J and Bouzerdoum, S. (2006) “A New Exploratory Neural Network Training Method” Proceedings of the Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering Conference, 16, 611-616.
  • Wang, P and Cross J (2006) “Cultural and Equity Issues of Chinese Students Studying in Australia” International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations, Vol 5, 143-151.
  • *Srisurichan, S, Caputi, N and Cross, J. (2005) “Impact of lunar cycle and swell on the daily catch rate of western rock lobster (Panulirus Cygnus) using time series modelling” New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research Vol 39,749-764.
  • Ahmed,S and Cross, J. (2005) “Decision Support Systems Analysis with Simulation”, Published in Proceedings of IACIS conference, Atlanta, Georgia (October 5-8).
  • Cross, J.M. (2004) “Sino-Australian Collaboration in Higher Education: New Directions”, Proceedings of the EDU-COM 2004 International Conference, Edith Cowan University,pp 88-96.
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  • Cross, J., Bouzerdoum, A. and Ahmed, S., (2002), “Applications of a new Artificial Neural Network Graduate Free Training”, Challenging the future advocating the positive- 3rd International Conference, 16-21.
  • Ahmed, S., Cross J., and Bouzerdoum, A. (2001) "Strictly Self-Adaptive Training with XOR ANN". Published in the proceedings of ANNIE 2001 Conference, St Louis, Missouri (Nov 4‑7), ASME Press (NY), Intelligent Engineering Systems Through Artificial Neural Networks, Vol 11, pp 81-87.
  • Srisurichan, S & Cross, JM. (2001). "Time Series Modelling of the Environmental Factors Affecting the Daily Catch Rate of Western Rock Lobster". 2001 World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling, Logan, Utah USA, June 27-30.
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  • Shao, C, Mueller U and Cross, J (2009) Area-to-point Poisson kriging analysis for lung cancer in Perth areas Interfacing Modelling and Simulation with Mathematical and Computational Sciences 178-184.
  • Aboagye-Sarfo,P, Cross J and Mueller U (2009) Application of Intervention Analysis to Incidence Cases of HIV Infection in Ghana. ISI 2009 Proceedings.
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