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Unit withdrawal and additions

At the commencement of semester, the Partnerships Officer will advise the Partner Institution of the withdrawal dates for the semester. The dates may differ depending upon the length of the teaching period.

Once a student is enrolled in the current or forthcoming semester, the student may change their enrolment, either adding or withdrawing from units by completing and signing the Enrolment Variation Over-Quota Application and lodging the form with the Partner Institution.

The Partner Institution must send the form to the relevant Partnerships Officer for processing, no later than the end of week two of the teaching period.

After the census date, unit withdrawal or unit change will be subject to financial/ academic penalties. It is the responsibility of the Partner Institution to ensure that students wishing to change or withdraw from a unit are aware of the relevant deadlines and any potential academic and financial implications.

The Partner Institution must adopt the International Student Tutition Refund Policy and comply with ECU’s withdrawal procedures for all students.

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