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Assignments and continuous assessments will be prepared by the Unit Coordinator. Where agreed, the assignments may be marked by the Partner lecturer. Please note that any change to any element of the assignment MUST be approved in writing by the ECU Unit Coordinator. Approval for changes in one iteration of the unit delivery does not extend to subsequent iterations; that is,

All assignments must be submitted with an assignment cover sheet, accurately completed and dated by the student and endorsed and countersigned by the Partner lecturer and the Partner program coordinator.

The Partner Institution will:

  • monitor the receipt of assignments as per the due dates determined by the Unit Coordinator in the unit plan;
  • provide a feedback sheet to students for each assignment;
  • organise for the assignments to be provisionally marked and provide students with a provisional grade (pending moderation);
  • following the marking of assignments, will provide the Unit Coordinator with a sample of assignments according to the Moderation of Unit Outcomes Policy. Assignments should be sent via email/hardcopy for moderation as soon as they are marked, not at the end of the teaching period;
  • identify all students in default of submitting their assessment on time without having been granted a prior extension (Students in default of submitting late assignment are subject to penalties applying to late submission).

For more information regarding Academic Misconduct, please refer to the University Rules: Academic Misconduct Rules (Students).

The Partner lecturer will receive the moderation report/feedback from the ECU Unit Coordinator within two weeks of the submission.  

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