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ECU Unit Coordinator

ECU Unit Coordinators are responsible for the integrity, relevance and currency of each unit in the course. The Unit Coordinator designs unit objectives and unit plans, prepares academic material for delivery and is responsible for the overall assessment of the unit. It is the Unit Coordinator who is responsible for the structure and content of the unit, and no changes to the unit other than localisation of content may be made by the Partner Institution, as this is a legally binding contractual agreement between the students and ECU. Units cannot be changed once the teaching period has begun. More information about the roles and responsibilities of the Unit Coordinator may be found in the Unit Coordinators’ Handbook, this provides a clear flowchart of Unit Coordinators’ responsibilities specific to off-shore programmes.

Partner lecturers will be contacted by the ECU Unit Coordinator prior to the start of each teaching period. To ensure effective communication, the Partner lecturer and Unit Coordinators are asked to respond to their counterparts within two working days.

Prior to the Unit

The Unit Coordinator should contact the Partner lecturer at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the teaching period to discuss unit materials, the unit outline, and any other issues. The Partner lecturer should advise whether the content of the unit has been sufficiently localised, and should suggest any changes to the content in order to render it contextually appropriate to the local students. Any changes must be approved by the Unit Coordinator.

The Partner Institution must contact the Partnerships Officer if the Unit Coordinator has not been in contact with the Partner lecturer, or if teaching materials have not been received.

During the Unit

During the course of the teaching period the Unit Coordinator has the following responsibilities to the Partner lecturer:

1. Contact and respond to any communications from the Partner lecturer in a timely fashion (within two working days).

2. Moderate all assessments in a timely fashion and return outcomes to the Partner lecturer.

3. Set exam(s) for the offshore unit.

4. Download the Marks Recording Spreadsheet (MRS) to input the assessment marks received from the Partner lecturer and final exam marks. A copy of the MRS will need to be sent to the School Officer for uploading into the system and to be finalised in the Board of Examiners meeting (BoE). 

Difficulties in any of these areas should be reported by the Partner lecturer to the Partner Institution’s liaison individual with ECU, who will address the matter directly with the Partnerships Officer

The academic course may, as detailed in the agreement or by arrangement between the Partner Institution and ECU, be supported by a visit from an ECU academic staff member who may:

  • conduct lectures, tutorials and workshops;
  • hold discussions and consultations with partner personnel and students;
  • provide course information and feedback to partner teacher and the students;
  • support the partner with such necessary assistance as may be required for the program and recruitment of students into the course; and
  • review the quality and integrity of the course.

Successful unit delivery depends on mutual responsibility and mutual communication between the academic staff. It is the responsibility of the Partner lecturer to advise the ECU Unit Coordinator immediately, of any issues or difficulties that arise during the teaching period.

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