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  • Bhavik Kshatriya

    Bhavik Kshatriya

Bhavik Kshatriya

Bachelor or Business
(Marketing and International Business)

A friend of Bhavik's father had a son who was going to study in Perth. This brought out his curiosity of studying in Perth and lead to the discovery of ECU.

Bhavik chose ECU for its marketing degree. "I was told by many of my friends that having a marketing degree from ECU holds more value compared to other universities in Western Australia," he says.

Bhavik describes ECU as a very practical university that utilises hands-on teaching, something he values about his course. "The practical nature of education is perhaps the best of many things about my course of study. I believe in hands on and dealing with real cases and my marketing and international business degree really allows me to broaden my viewpoint."

He describes the campus as beautiful and believes the facilities to be very new and up-to-date. "Staff are always on hand to help you out!"

Bhavik's overall experience at ECU has been one of "satisfaction, experience and extraordinary self-realisation. ECU has really allowed me to open myself up to many different possibilities."

ECU graduate (Taiwan)

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