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Studying at ECU

Starting university will be one of the most exciting adventures of your life! It marks the beginning of pursuing your dreams, determining what your future career will be, meeting new people, and entering a new and fascinating phase of your life.

We’re all about freedom

Starting university is one of the most exciting adventures you will ever experience! It marks the beginning of a new journey towards your future career and opens up a fascinating new phase of your life.

No two students’ experience of university and campus life is the same; but here are a few helpful tips and pointers to make sure your time at ECU is enjoyable and worthwhile.

New people

The thought of meeting new people can be quite daunting, but one of the great benefits of studying at ECU is that aside from studying with people who have similar interests and ambitions, you will also be interacting with people from different countries and cultures.

You can kick start the socialisation process by attending orientation, as this is a great time to meet people studying the same course as you.

More people

We have about 23,000 students, with some 3,500 international students representing more than 90 different countries, making ECU a truly multi-cultural environment.

Depending on the popularity of the subject, class sizes can have between 30-350 students. So if you want a good seat, it is advisable to turn up early!

New ways of learning

Get ready to manage your own timetable with no school bells! The responsibility will rest with you to successfully complete your studies. It is a good idea to set aside roughly 40 hours per week for university work. This will include class time as well as assignment preparation and study time.

You will most likely have one lecture per week per subject, with the duration ranging from 1-3 hours. Each subject usually also has a tutorial for 1-2 hours with classes of 15-30 students. Tutorials offer an excellent opportunity to further investigate and analyse key areas highlighted at the lecture.

You may spend as little as 12 hours per week in formal lectures and tutorials, depending on your number of lectures and tutorials per week. Depending on university timetabling, you may be able to fit your timetable into several days or it may spread over the duration of the week.

A whole new world of learning

At ECU, not everything happens in a classroom. We provide a variety of learning environments, including laboratories, simulated hospitals and industry environments in Perth, Regional Western Australia and throughout the world.

Finding your way

Don’t be overwhelmed by the size of our campuses. Orientation is an ideal way for you to navigate your way around campus with dedicated staff available to answer your queries and guide you around our campuses.

Getting connected

ECU maintains a first-class technology infrastructure, with wi-fi access and dedicated e-Labs running the latest software.

Space to study

Forget cramped classrooms. You will find great study spaces and facilities all over our campuses including libraries with cafés and on-campus e-Labs to keep you connected wherever you are.

Getting involved

There are a variety of clubs, societies and support groups where you can meet people who share common interests. A vibrant campus culture also offers cafés, art exhibitions, film festivals, sporting activities, cultural events, and performances.

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