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  • Keele University hall

    Keele University hall

Keele University

Name of Institution: Keele University

Location: Keele, Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Keele was the first new United Kingdom university of the twentieth century, established with degree giving powers in 1949 as the University College of North Staffordshire. University status, as the University of Keele, followed in 1962.

The University was founded to promote interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary scholarship and makes a distinctive contribution to higher education by emphasising the strength of a broad educational programme.

It is the UK's largest integrated campus university and occupies a 617 acre estate, with Grade II registration by English Heritage, the central feature of which is 19th century Keele Hall.

Located centrally within the UK, in Staffordshire, Keele is a major contributor to its local economy.

Keele’s distinctiveness stems from its history, characterises its present and shapes its future. Whilst continuing to be a respected University with features in common with many others, Keele aims to foster its distinctiveness through pursuit of its mission to be recognised as the UK’s leading example of an open, integrated intellectual community.

Source: Introduction. [n.d]. Retrieved October, 2009, from the Keele University Website:

Areas of Study Not Available/Restrictions for Exchange Students:

Exchange is not available to postgraduate students

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Semester Dates:

Autumn Semester: September – January

Spring Semester: January – June

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Undergraduate Courses

*List of all undergraduate degree programs offered, you should visit the Module Catalogue (link below) to see what individual modules (units) are offered for the current academic year.

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