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Student Ambassador Program to India

The Student Ambassador Program to India will take place over three weeks from late November to mid-December 2012.   The program provides a fantastic opportunity for you to visit one of the world's fastest growing economies: India.  You will immerse yourself in the Indian culture visiting five cities and rural villages across this vast country.  You will meet with local students and visit different Non Government Organisations as well as take part in many cultural and industry visits.  This program offers a great opportunity for you to meet other ECU students, expand your academic knowledge in a international context and enjoy a potentially life-changing experience.

When will the program run?

25 November - 13 December 2012

Where will I go on the program?

The program will provide you with a great experience of India as you visit temples, palaces and other extraordinary sites of one of the world's greatest civilisations.  India is a country that has more than 30 official languages and one billion people that is well known for its diversity.  You will experience the hectic pace of Mumbai, with a population greater than that of Australia, contrasted with the ancient city of Varanasi and rural villages. 

The program will visit five major cities in India including:

  • New Delhi - the political capital of India
  • Agra - home to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal
  • Varanasi - the cultural capital of India
  • Gandhinagar in Gujarat
  • Mumbai - the financial capital of India and home of Bollywood
The program will also take you to nearby cities including, Noida and Gurgaon (near Delhi) and Ahmedabad (near Gandinagar) as well as a rural village near Rajpur.

As well as the world famous Taj Mahal, the program will take in the cultural and tradition of India in the oldest living city of Varanasi on the bank of the the Ganges River and the site of ruins in Lothal, a major city of Indus Valley civilisation.  

What activities will be included in the program?

During the Ambassador Program to India you will have the opportunity to:

  • visit different Indian universities including the University of Mumbai and Benares Hindu University in Varanasi allowing you to meet and interact with local students;
  • participate in academic and industry activities related to the thriving health, manufacturing, retail, agriculture and technology sectors as well as relevant industry and rural community visits;
  • visit and work with different charities;
  • experience life in a rural village
  • participate in language and other cultural programs such as Bollywood dance classes, yoga and pooja ceremonies; and
  • experience many other cultural activities such as the Ganga Art ceremony, a boat ride on the Ganges and a jungle safari.

How much will the program cost?

For more info regarding program costs, please contact Dr Leisa Armstrong (see contact information below).

Can I receive financial assistance towards the program costs?

Participating students will receive an ECU subsidy of $2000 to be used towards the costs of the program (subsidy conditions apply).

Students can also undertake fundraising activities to raise funds that will contribute towards program expenses and donations to the charity organisations that you will visit in India.

Who is eligible for the program?

This program is targeted to students from all Faculties (Health, Engineering and Science, Education and Arts, Business and Law and Regional Professional Studies).  The following eligibility requirements apply for the program:

  • you must be an undergraduate or postgraduate student and have completed one full time semester at ECU;
  • you must be in Good Academic Standing and have a course average of 50% or greater; and 
  • you must have a passport valid for more than six months and obtain a valid visa for travel to India.

Can I gain academic credit for the program?

You may be able to receive academic credit for the program through the following units:

  • ISS3101 (UG) or ISS5101 (PG) International Science Project unit;
  • CSG3303 IT Project unit (UG); or 
  • other unit at the discretion of the relevant unit coordinator  

You must seek approval from the relevant unit and course coordinator to obtain credit for the program.

If seeking credit for ISS3101 or ISS5101 you must also submit a project proposal at the time of application.

Who will be leading the program?

You will be accompanied by ECU academic, Dr Leisa Armstrong, who has been running the Ambassador Program to India since 2008.  Dr Armstrong is an experienced ECU academic who is a regular visitor to India and conversant in the local Hindi language.  Dr Armstrong has been travelling to India for the last 20 years and has many university and industry contacts throughout India.  You will also be accompanied by local tour assistants and guides for sightseeing activities.

How can I find further information about the program and how do I apply?

For more information about the Ambassador Program to India and to submit your Expression of Interest, please contact:

Dr Leisa Armstrong (School of Computing and Security Science)

Telephone: (61 8) 9370 6506



Mr Sree Nallan


Expressions of interest close 31 July 2012

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