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Dr Anne Aly wins award for internet radicalisation research

Tuesday, 08 September 2009


Dr Anne Aly from the Faculty of Business and Law has recently won the 2009 Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO) Publications Award.

Dr Aly’s paper explores the challenges of internet radicalisation to counter terrorism and security.

Looking at the issue from a user’s perspective, Dr Aly examined why some people become attracted to the terrorist cause to the point that they are willing to use violent action, and what motivates them to seek out terrorist material on the internet in the first place.

According to Dr Aly, it is very easy for anyone with even the most basic computer literacy skills to locate, access and download terrorist material within a matter of minutes, and initiatives that attempt to censor such material are likely to have limited success, due to the multitude of ways such systems can be circumvented.

“Counter terrorism operations have to focus just as much on targeting individual and group intent as they do on monitoring and managing terrorists’ capacity,” she said.

“Understanding what motivates people to turn to the internet for inspiration and guidance and in turn how extremist content on the internet might fulfil their needs can assist in the development of counter terrorism and security measures to tackle the growing challenge of internet radicalisation.”


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