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Journalism education under the spotlight

Thursday, 25 August 2011


ECU Head of Journalism Associate Professor Trevor Cullen, along with two professors from the universities of Wollongong and South Australia, has won a prestigious Australian Teaching and Learning Grant (ALTC).

The ALTC award will be used to investigate the state of journalism education in Australian universities with a special focus on balancing tertiary expectations and industry needs in a changing media environment.

Currently 29 out of 39 universities in Australia run undergraduate journalism courses.

The other two researchers are Professor Stephen Tanner, Head of Journalism at Wollongong University and Professor Kerry Green, Head of the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages at the University of South Australia. Both are previous presidents of the Journalism Education Association of Australia (JEAA).

Associate Professor Cullen was JEAA Vice-President in 2009 

Associate Professor Cullen said he was very pleased to be part of an important and relevant cross-institutional teaching and learning research project. 

“In order to maintain standards in a constantly changing media landscape, it’s vital that journalism students are properly prepared for their future role,” he said.

“For journalism educators in Australia, the challenge is to make sure the students acquire a broader knowledge base, develop their analytical thinking and improve written and broadcast communication skills.”


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