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The Incredible Pinkness

Thursday, 11 August 2011


ECU postgraduate student, DeeDee Noon, is currently recruiting female participants for her Honours research project The pink divide: packaged femininity, gender performativity and identity. DeeDee wants to make contact with females from ages five to seventy years who have more than a cursory relationship with the colour pink to make a series of photographic portraits.

The Honours project aims to explore the social phenomenon that is associated with the colour pink, and the many ways that different generations of contemporary Western females living in the twenty-first century perceive, use and identify with the colour pink.

“My fascination with the colour pink started with a research expedition to Toys R Us in 2008 when I encountered shelf after shelf packed with pinkness,” said DeeDee.

“I was overwhelmed by the vast number of pink products for girls and yet, there appeared no blue-coloured correlation for boys. I began to notice and question the various ways that pink is more broadly being employed to signify femininity and femaleness.”

In 2008, DeeDee showcased a series of six photographic portraits entitled Pretty in Pink? in a FotoFreo exhibition.

“I intend to mature the Pretty in Pink? body of work to include further eighteen images as the creative practice component of my Honours project,” said DeeDee.

“A close theoretical investigation of the underlying issues that are associated with the pink phenomenon will complement the expanded photographic portrait series that will form the practical component of my research project.”

Participants will be required to answer a short set of informal questions and allow DeeDee to take their portrait in their home environment.

DeeDee’s Pretty in Pink? portraits will be showcased at ECU’s Joondalup Art Gallery as part of Research Week from 15 – 19 August 2011.

If you would like to participate in this research project, or know of someone in your social network who might like to do so, please contact DeeDee Noon


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