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Participants needed for research into childhood obesity prevention

Friday, 09 September 2011


ECU researcher from the School of Psychology and Social Science and fitness instructor, Ms Claire Roockley is searching for participants for a new research study investigating ways to combat the growing issue of childhood obesity in Australia.

The seven-week program will look at parent’s attitudes to weight management and the impact they can have on altering a child’s eating patterns and increasing their physical activity.

Parents will need to visit the Joondalup Campus four times over the seven weeks, where they will take part in short one-on-one interviews on obesity, and assist their child in completing simple nutrition and physical activity assessments.

Ms Roockley believes that if parents can ensure children implement healthy eating patterns early in life, they will grow up to be healthy adults who understand the importance of nutrition in their daily diets.

“As a fitness instructor in a local gym, I am passionate about optimising people’s health and wellbeing through facilitated exercise and nutrition. I believe that appropriate physical activity and eating habits should be instilled in people from childhood, in order to establish lifelong patterns of health optimisation and functioning.”

“Parents are significant role models for their children, both in terms of their health-related attitudes and behaviors, and can have a profound impact on guiding their child’s eating and physical activity patterns,” said Ms Roockley.

“I believe that by better educating parents about the dangers associated with excessive weight gain in children, active measures can be taken toward potentially addressing the obesity epidemic currently facing Australian children.”

To take part in the project, children must be aged between five – 12 years old and can be within any weight range.

If you would like further information or would like to participate in the study, please contact Claire Roockley on 0412 687 120 or email


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