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Corruption and professionalism

Friday, 02 December 2011


The conflict between corruption and professionalism is at the heart of a new book by School of Education Lecturer Dr Christine Cunningham.

Corrupted Principles and the Challenges of Critically Reflective Leadership details Dr Cunningham’s research as a K-12 principle in an elite American International School in Bolivia.

The book examines why fabricated college transcripts and the passing of failing students was common practice in a school that was unaccountable for its corrupt actions.

These actions ensured wealthy young graduates retained a privileged place in society at a time when Bolivia’s Indigenous majority struggled to gain political power.

In this book Dr Cunningham reveals her professional dilemma of remaining true to her ideals whilst running a corrupt school. The resolution of this situation illustrates critically reflective leadership and how Dr Cunningham kept to her education ideals.


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