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Top students in 2014

Monday, 18 August 2014

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One of ECU’s top students has credited the support received from his lecturers, classmates, friends and family as the reason for success in his studies.

Engineering and Business student Rick Hurlbatt was speaking at the ceremony recognising the Vice Chancellor’s Top 100 Students and student award winners.

Rick said that with dedication, hard work and the right environment anything was possible in study.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Kerry Cox congratulated Rick and his fellow students at the event.

“I congratulate you. It’s a terrific achievement by all of you to be selected from the University’s 25,000 students,” Professor Cox said.

School of Law and Justice student Rachel Robson won the Engagement Award for representing ECU and developing strong collaborations in her role with the WA Parliamentary Research Internship Scheme and for volunteering her services and legal knowledge to community service agencies and organisations.

Nursing student Lisa McFarland and PhD candidate Philippa Vojnovic were highly commended.

Education student Mathew Reale, from ECU’s South West Campus, won the Contribution to University Life Award for organising and supporting a wide range of university and community events which create a vibrant and exciting student environment at ECU.

Business student Leah Daws, also from the South West, and WAAPA acting student Johnny Hawkins were highly commended.

The top 100 students are selected based on their average weighted mark and the number of completed units. The Engagement and Contribution to University Life Awards are selected by a committee of students, staff and University Council members.

The Top 100 students for 2014 are :

Farah Al-Hasany

Leah Rachel Allen-Ankins

Rehana Badat

Renee Anne Benedetti

Jessica Louise Bertilone

Tammy Joanne Beswick

Sarah Helena Brunton

Tammie Fiona Bullard

Joanne Buller

Alison Louise Bussey

Nicole Margaret Carmody

Aideen Jennifer Chandler

Natasha Jane Charlesworth

Benjamin Hans Christiansen

Gillian Sylvia Coplin

Alison Louise Cross

Eric Benjamin Curwood

Alexandra Lauren Dallo

Karen Digby

Anna Louise Ditri

Katie Elaine Doust

Michael Draper

Daryl Peter Eagle

Scott Elstermann

Corey Andrew John Fenwick

Brienna Forster

Nicole Elizabeth Von Alton Foster

Zachary Edward French

Oleksandr Galenko

Teagan Galvin

Melissa May Garnsworthy

Gerard Mark Glennon

Struan Lockhart Graham

Carmel Clare Greiff

Randall John Griggs

Rachel Anne Halbert

Andrew John Hall

Andrew Lachlan Herbert

Jennifer Ann Hiemstra

Sarah Louise Hipworth

Claire Hughes

Michelle Louise Hughes

Richard Charles Hurlbatt

Jane Eleanor Jennings

Liam Jobson

Alison Jane Jobson

Sami Karjalainen

Aleatha Jane Kay

Michael James Kennedy

Georgina Keogh-Fisher

Michele Anne Knowles

Maciej Lukasz Krzysik

Wendy Michelle Law-Davis

Natalie Leanne Lovett

John Lewis Mackenzie

Brendan Philip Markham

Zdenko Markovic

Rikki Mccabe

Alecia Jane Mccall

Katherine Anne Mcleod

Melissa Rachel Mcwilliam

Emma Julie Menegaldo

Samuele Joseph Messina

Lisa Michelle Mitchell

Blake Michael Molloy

Richard Thomas Morawski

Brad Robert Murphy

Josten Johann Myburgh

Amanda Lee Myers

Karl Ka Ho Ng

John Alexander Nicolosi

Pelle Niklas Nilsson

Sally Ann North

Wai Yan Pang

Nathan Grant Paveley

Emma Michelle Penglis

Alyssa Anne Pettit

Fiona Pevneva

Shane Pickering

Astrid Marilene Plumb-Parlevliet

Vladimir Volodimir Podolin

Sandra Catherine Redenbach

Samantha Nicole Ridgway

Elsa Alice Marie Sandri

Timothy Schmidtke

Franco Serraino

Benjamin Alan Shaw

Sudip Shrestha

Blair Oliver Campbell Spaulding

Robyn Suzanne Stewart

Daniel Alphons Sutorius

Mark Sweet

Sarah Rose Tester

Michael Tsang

Alan Jacob Varghese

Gemma Walker

Yvonne Mary Willers

Samuel Tristan Witton

Clare Wood


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