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ECU Media Newsletter - 15 June 2016

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Education – NAPLAN testing ? No worries. 
A new study of 11 WA private primary schools has revealed that only three per cent of students, teachers and parents experience significant stress as a result of NAPLAN testing. 

Tech – Parents realise the benefits for kids in online gaming
Professor Lelia Green’s research paper takes a closer look at how parents’ attitudes to children’s media use changes as their teenagers move towards adulthood. Her research indicates that the high level of skills and competencies required by young people who are members of a gaming team becomes appreciated over time. Parents also said they were pleased with the strong social connections their sons had formed. Media contact: 

Orlando – ECU stands with LGBTIQ+ community
ECU’s three campuses will fly the rainbow Pride flag until the end of the week to honour the victims of the Orlando tragedy and to show solidarity with the LGBTIQ+ community. “Flying the Pride flag is one way we can signal to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and/or intersex community that ECU stands with them during this difficult time,” Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve Chapman said. 

Environment/Indigenous – Nyoongar seasons 
ECU campuses have turned blue representing the Nyoongar season – Makuru. Throughout 2016 each ECU campus is lighting up in the colours of the Nyoongar seasons providing a visual cue to the community. Cultural Awareness Officer Jason Barrow said Makuru season was traditionally a good time for people to move back inland from the coast as the food sources changed from sea, estuarine and lake foods to those of the lands, particularly kangaroo. He said kangaroos not only provided meat but their skins were used for warmth as the nights became much cooler. 300 word column also available for republication. 

Early childhood – Early intervention
The key to tackling many of the ills associated with modern life, from depression and mental health problems to obesity, is to focus resources on children from a very young age, says ECU researchers. Research projects are focusing on infant mental health, eating habits in childcare and teaching literacy before primary school. From EDITH Magazine Issue 05

Higher education – What’s in a name?
A quarter century ago there was a debate raging about what to call Perth's newest university. While the name Edith Cowan University was eventually chosen, other suggestions included The University of Perth and C. Y. O'Connor University. From EDITH Magazine Issue 05

Health – Lost for words
Speech pathology and linguistics expert Professor Beth Armstrong will explore the challenges faced by the 100,000 Australians with the communications disorder Aphasia caused by stroke or traumatic brain injury at a free public lecture on Friday 17 June. She will also explain how the latest research is investigating if early intervention could hold the key to restoring people’s ability to communicate following a stroke or traumatic brain injury. 

Politics – Time for treaty
Professor Colleen Hayward says Bill Shorten signalling his support for a treaty with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is not a new conversation for Aboriginal people -  it’s something that has been on their agenda for some time. Professor Hayward says it makes sense for the government to fix the constitution first and then go for a treaty if both can’t be done at the same time. Australia is now a mature nation and we are well and truly ready for these conversations and these sorts of decent changes, she says.


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