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Exercise is medicine

Friday, 03 June 2016


Until recently the advice given to cancer patients during their treatment was to get plenty of rest.

Now Genesis Cancer Clinic in Joondalup has an exercise clinic set up next to their treatment suites so patients can receive supervised prescribed exercise programs – on the same day they receive their chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

This treatment revolution is largely a result of the work of ECU’s Exercise Medicine Research Institute, led by Co-Directors Professor Rob Newton and Professor Daniel Galvão.

Professor Newton, who has spent the past 15 years developing exercise medicine for the management of cancer, explained to the ABC science show Catalyst that having an exercise clinic in the same building as chemotherapy and radiotherapy suites was a world first.

“It was a bit of a step into the unknown (for oncologists) because chemotherapy is a very difficult journey for the patient and we were proposing to have their patients exercise on top of that,” he said.

“Now the results we are seeing from the patients are just fantastic.”

“There is emerging evidence that reaching a certain level of fitness can reduce the chance of death from cancer by as much as 50 per cent.”

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