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Leadership advice from the Eagle’s nest

Friday, 17 June 2016


Despite having one of the most difficult and complex jobs in Perth, West Coast Eagles coach Adam Simpson’s advice to aspiring leaders was to keep it simple.

The two-time Premiership player with North Melbourne who coached the Eagles into last year’s grand final spoke to more than 400 ECU alumni about leadership at a special event at Domain Stadium.

"Despite all the analysis and everything, football is actually a pretty simple game,” he said.

“My philosophy when I got to West Coast was all about education. In many ways I see the role of coaching to be the same as teaching.”

Mr Simpson had four key leadership tips for ECU alumni:

Don’t deviate
“Once you have developed a strategy, you need to work towards it in a clear and consistent direction.”

Encourage and empower your leaders
“Leadership is about people so you need to be able to delegate and allow people to achieve their best.”

Believe in yourself
“If you start second guessing yourself that’s going to trickle down to the people underneath you.”

Keep it simple
“Don’t overcomplicate things.”

Last year ECU became the premier Eagles coaches’ partner, supporting Simpson and his elite coaching team.

The agreement gives ECU researchers and students opportunities in the areas of sports science, management, communications and events management.

The agreement formalised the long history of collaboration between ECU and the Eagles which in the past has included facilitating study tours to professional US sporting teams, contributing to the Eagles Vision TV program, supporting PhD students and physiological testing of Eagles players.

If you graduated from ECU and would like to access exclusive events such as this update your contact details at the Alumni Webpage.


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