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Running scared for Halloween

Thursday, 19 October 2017


ECU’s annual Run For It! event returns on 28 October. Our researchers offer four helpful tips to outwit the freaky characters you could encounter on the terrifying course, each backed by real science.

1.     Clowns

According to diet expert Associate Professor Amanda Devine, “bananas are a great healthy source of energy, which could give you the boost you need to out run them.”

“And if that still doesn’t work, you can always drop the peel behind you because we all know clowns can’t resist an opportunity to fall down comically.”

2.     Vampires

Stepping into the light may be the best way to avoid becoming a Vampire’s next meal according to Melanoma expert Professor Mel Ziman.

“While people can protect themselves from the suns’ harmful rays by wearing a hat and sunscreen, vampires have no such luck. So if you are being pursued by one of the blood sucking fiends, put on some sun protection and step out into the light where he won’t be able to follow!”

3.     Ghosts

“Ghosts can pass right through walls and other obstacles, so your best bet to escape them will be to get to open ground and try to out sprint them,” says ECU sports biomechanist Professor Tony Blazevich.

“The world’s best sprinters can reach top speeds of over 40kph, which should be fast enough to escape from even the speediest of ghosts.”

4.     Zombies

“Zombies lack agility and dexterity meaning they are unable to change directions quickly,” says Dr Fadi, a senior lecturer in ECU’s Sports Science and Football course.

“So by quickly changing direction, just like you see soccer stars ducking and weaving while they dribble the ball, you should be able to keep ahead of any zombies that are chasing you.”

Run for it!

ECU’s Run For It! is a family-friendly after dark Halloween themed fun run around ECU’s Joondalup Campus on the evening of 28 October.

Get your pulse racing through the 5km Creepy Campus course.

As well as the Creepy Campus course, little monsters and their families will be able to enjoy a 3km Halloweenies Hunt trick or treat course.

The 3km Halloweenies course has sold out, but there are still tickets available for the 5km Creepy Campus course.

All money raised will go towards ECU’s Melanoma Research Group to fund life-saving research.

Event details

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Joondalup Campus, 270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup

5pm: Registration tent opens. Collect your race pack here, containing event wristbands, loot bags (for 3km race) and mini torch (for 5km race)

6pm: First wave of Halloweenies Hunters starts (3km)

7pm: First wave of Creepy Campus racers start (5km)

Visit the Run For It! website to register.


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