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ECU researcher to present new findings on cancer management and rehabilitation

Friday, 28 January 2011


Director of ECU’s Health and Wellness Institute, Associate Professor Daniel Galvão will present a new consensus statement on cancer management and rehabilitation at the upcoming Cancer Council Western Australia seminar, entitled, The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle During and After Cancer.

The statement, compiled by 13 international researchers from the American College of Sports Medicine on Physical Activity and Cancer Rehabilitation, highlights the importance of exercise in cancer management and treatment, which differs from advice previously supplied by those in the medical profession.

The new research believes that that recovering patients, including those with breast and prostate cancer, could significantly benefit from aerobic-type exercise and resistance-type training.

“Historically clinicians have advised cancer patients to rest and avoid inactivity, however research outlined in this new statement shows this advice is outdated, with many patients now benefiting from exercise even during treatment and throughout their recovery,” said Professor Galvão.

The seminar will be held on Monday, 31 January 2011, for more information and to book, visit the Cancer Council Western Australia website, or alternatively call the Cancer Council Helpline on 13 11 20.


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