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Participants sought for study into children’s exposure to dust

Friday, 03 June 2011


ECU researchers are seeking participants in the Perth metropolitan area for a study investigating children’s exposure to dust and metals.

The study is a collaboration between ECU and the University of Queensland, ChemCentre of WA and BHP.

It compliments research already underway in Port and South Hedland.

The Perth study aims to determine the extent to which children are exposed to PM10 particles and also metals in the urban setting.

Researchers are seeking more than 100 children aged between seven and 12 years for the study. Their exposure to dust, measured as PM10, will be assessed over a 24-hour period through the use of an active particulate sampler.

Children will also be asked to provide a morning urine sample, a hair sample and questionnaire. This information will then be gathered by the research team at the end of the study and assessed to provide a snapshot of a child’s daily PM10 intake.

School of Natural Sciences Associate Professor Andrea Hinwood believes the research will provide an insight into a child’s daily exposure to PM10 in the urban environment, where construction activities and traffic can contribute to PM10 to the air and hence can be inhaled.

 “Particulate pollution is well known to have adverse impacts on health. What is less clear is whether all particles have the same effects and the first step in achieving this is to establish exposure concentrations,” said Associate Professor Hinwood.

“We hope that this preliminary research will determine whether children are exposed, how much they are exposed to and whether further study into health risks is required.”

Interested participants are asked to contact:

Karyn Concanen 1800 655 398,;
Andrea Hinwood at; or
Dr Anna Callan (08) 6304 2349,


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