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Russian visit builds research relationships

Friday, 22 June 2012


A visit from a leading Russian scientist is expected to produce exciting collaborations with ECU research into photonics and nano science.

Professor Viacheslav A. Kotov, from the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics in Moscow, is collaborating with ECU’s Electron Science Research Institute (ESRI) on a number of projects.

A leader in his field, it is anticipated that the visit will result in the development of key materials and structures, including in the area of energy-harvesting window glass.

ESRI Director Professor Kamal Alameh said the collaboration is also expected to generate publications in journals and open new opportunities for grant submissions.

“This is a valuable chance for ESRI’s research students and research staff to benefit from Professor Kotov's extensive knowledge and experience in materials science,” Professor Alameh said.

“Through close collaboration with Professor Kotov, our researchers will be able to improve the performance of a recently-developed energy-harvesting, clear glass prototype. We will also be designing and fabricating novel magnetic structures that are of unique importance in sensing and imaging

Specific research and development initiatives include:

  • Novel micro- and nano- particles and structures that improve light guidance for application in solar-energy-harvesting clear glass panels;
  • Novel MagnetoPhotonic Crystals (MPCs) for high-speed optical switching; and
  • Novel thin-film-based permanent magnet arrays employing new magnetic material compositions which can be deposited into integrated micro-mechanical systems.

“This visit will help broaden ECU’s research and innovation in photonics and nano science and technology”, Dr Margaret Jones, Director of the office of Research and Innovation said.

For more information, visit the Electron Science Research webpage.


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