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Bill Bailey

PhD candidate

Faculty of Computing, Health and Science

Real world teaching and research collide

Whist serving with the Royal Hong Kong police force back in the 70's, I noticed a new phenomenon recruits with degrees. Having left school after receiving my overseas school certificate in Mauritius, the idea that anyone could have a degree was a novelty to me. I realised that recruits with degrees were not smarter than me. The thought soon dawned on me, "Hey I could get one of those and be as good as they are!"

Once I left the force, I pursued a degree in Modern Languages with International studies, mainly because I already spoke French and the idea of learning Spanish and attending University in Spain and France really appealed to me. My BA with Honours led to an MA and the opportunity to become a lecturer in International Relations. Once in academia, I lectured across Europe and specialised in Islamic fundamentalism, resource politics, terrorism, third world development and political economics. I developed a fascination for research and a thirst to enquire deeper. These goals were no longer just part of an assignment.

The journey to obtain my PhD began with my registering at SOAS (School of African and Oriental studies, University of London) to research Islamic fundamentalism in Algeria. Soon after, I was consulting professionally and asked to return to Algeria as a security consultant because of my understanding of the subject. Unfortunately, any thought of me completing my PhD slowly faded as I travelled Africa as a security consultant for the next ten years.

The chance to join ECU as a lecturer in Security Science and return to academia renewed my desire to complete my research journey and become the Doctor of Philosophy that had been my quest all those years ago. I am once again researching, only this time I have narrowed my topic down to 'Counter Terrorism' as this one of the many areas that I now teach. The creation of a new school has created the need to have more academics in the field of security qualified at the highest level and this time it would seem the PhD is within my grasp.

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