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Sunsern Limwiriyakul

PhD Candidate

Faculty of Computing, Health and Science

Applied theory to benefit communities

Research provides the opportunity to obtain expertise in a specific field. I was highly interested to pursue research in my chosen field of Information Communication Technology (ICT) security. I am currently enrolled as a full time student in the Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) program, specializing in Securing Online Community Service. So far I have learnt several useful techniques related to my specialisation including web, wireless, email and firewall security.

I have used the knowledge I have gained in many projects. I applied the theory I have learned in practical ways such as LAN security testing, secured wireless network, Outlook web mail, firewall risks management audit, information security policy and honey pot investigation.

My research topic is "A method for Securing Online Community Service - A Study of Selected Western Australian Councils". The research specifically examines the level of security in common Internet technologies, currently deployed at selected local councils in Western Australia. This examination is using the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual model (OSSTMM) as a benchmarking model. Both World Wide Web (WWW) and Electronic Mail (Email) will be tested in the selected local councils. The intended outcome of this research is to develop a good security framework for Local Councils which can be implemented and can be adopted by any council for their Information Communication Technology security use.

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