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Kiranmai Dahagam

PhD candidate
Faculty of Busines and Law

My research journey

I joined ECU in 2010 to complete my PhD as an international student from India, after having previously completed a Masters in English Literature and a Masters in Business Administration.

When applying, I approached Professor Craig Standing to be my research supervisor, which he agreed to subject to my written proposal. My first submission was not approved as it was deemed not scholarly, and I was given one week to rewrite it.

In doing so, I searched many different journal articles and other resources, but it was difficult of me to collect all of them as many were e-journals that I did not have access to. Nonetheless, I managed to prepare a proposal with more than twenty references, which was accepted by the research committee and I was granted admission.

Professor Standing is very much focussed on research and has given my proper guidance on how to go about it since day one. Further, I have attended several training sessions conducted by the gradate research school, which have been very useful for me. They gave me an insight into the different aspects of research, as well as helping to share ideas with one another and get acquainted with others.

I meet my supervisor one a week to discuss my progress and to date I have collected sixty articles on the topic that I have started reading. I am planning to explore different ideas that come from these papers and find out the existing research gaps and frame my research questions based on that.

As I am an international student and not familiar with some of the procedures at ECU, I felt very hesitant to approach people for help. But I soon realised that people in the Faculty of Business and Law are very amicable and approachable. My supervisor, along with Bev Lurie, has helped me in every way possible to keep my fears at bay.

Though the research journey is difficult, it becomes easier with the help of the right people at the right time.

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