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Mohammad Ahmed

School of Engineering

Mohammad's continuing PhD research journey

My research journey started with the deviation from a professional job to becoming a researcher. Since my Bachelor   Degree, I always dreamt of becoming a researcher or a scientist. However, the track changed from becoming a researcher to being a professional engineer due to various social matters. However, my enthusiasm brought me back to this intense path with the migration from my country to Australia as a professional engineer. The motivation to become a researcher came from significant advice of my supervisor, from the knowledge of my workplace and from communicating with other scientists as well as with experienced   researchers.

The lack of ideas of advanced technology instigated my desire of adapting technology and inspired me to take the ship of doctorate in the research journey. And I have gained many skills while doing that research. After two years, I have skills in publishing journal articles and papers and teaching and mentoring undergraduate students for doing project work in Materials Science. This research work really developed   into a study of some major challenges including improving communication skills, network building, and getting ideas of applications of advanced softwares specifically.

I intend to further improve my materials science and engineering research skills. I believe that an improvement in researching advanced materials technology opens doors for the versatility of materials in   the world, such as nanotechnology.

For me, becoming a researcher resulted in many positive changes in my life. Through undertaking research, I have not only gained more knowledge, presentation skills and built my networking, but also shared my own experiences and ideas with others through journal papers.

I have been involved in many research projects related to nanocomposite thin films for microstructural and mechanical properties characterisation. All these studies are both qualitative and quantitative. By using these methods, it has helped me to look inside the effect of reducing residual stress and thermal annealing on the nanocomposite thin films. During this research journey, I have learned how to use instruments and tools with FEM modelling softwares for advanced materials characterisation at nanoscale level.

Having recognised how fruitful research skills and knowledge have been in my own life, I do plan to continue my research work as a Scientist or as a research fellow.

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