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Tirtha Ranjeet

My Research Journey

Currently I am pursuing a Doctor of Information Technology at ECU. I am in my data collection phase and have just started writing my thesis, expecting to complete within a year. I have previously completed a Masters degree of Information Technology in Nepal. 

Being an international research student can be challenging, especially at the beginning. I had to familiarise myself with the culture, language and ways of academia here. It was tough but I have always been determined to improve myself. I am also lucky to have a lot of support at ECU. I have wonderful supervisors who give me excellent advice and constant encouragement. The Graduate Research School (GRS) has also played an important role, organising regular coffee mornings and workshops where I can meet and learn from other fellow students, which has made me feel that I am not alone on this journey.

I am highly passionate about computer programming. My research topic has given me an opportunity to utilise my programming skills in developing a technique that explores and analyses military security plans. 

With years of experience in teaching computer science in Nepal, I have always wished to get more experience at an international university. So, I began building a foundation by doing some tutoring at ECU. Also being a SOAR Ambassador (Support Opportunity Advice Resource), which involves providing peer-to-peer support, is helping me to improve my research and interpersonal skills and, more importantly, put them to the service of fellow research students. I believe this will assist my progress towards my ultimate ambition, to build a teaching career at an international university.

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