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Paul Haimes

School of Communications and Arts

Project title: Designing for communities in emergency situations: Redesigning the FireWatch website interface
Supervisor: Dr Studart Medley

Redesigning the FireWatch website interface

My research project involves investigating how to improve the interface design of Landgate’s FireWatch website for access by the general public, drawing on theory and practice from Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and best practices for web design. This research project is one half of a larger project, conducted in collaboration with Landgate.

The anticipated practical outcome of this research is a public access version of the FireWatch interface, designed to meet the needs of rural communities in Western Australia. To achieve this, the research will investigate appropriate ways to make a website usable and accessible in emergency situations, while engendering credibility and authority as a source of information.

Anticipated theoretical outcomes for the project include: how to balance the needs of users with usability, functionality and other HCI factors- particularly in emergency situations; and how visual rhetoric applies specifically in a web interface design context.

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