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ECU Postgraduate Research Scholarship (ECUPRS)

This scholarship is designed to support postgraduate students of exceptional research promise to study full-time at Edith Cowan University in a Doctoral degree (PhD) or Master by research. The scholarship is offered on the basis of academic merit and research performance.

Opening date: 1-08-2016
Closing date: 28-10-2016


Amount: $27,000 per annum as well as a thesis allowance
Frequency: Fortnightly
Electronic funds transfer


  • 1-2 years for a Master by research dependent on course length
  • Up to 3.5 years for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • 3 years for an Integrated PhD (after coursework component completed)

Step by step guide to applying

  1. Before you apply for a scholarship you must apply for admission into a Higher Degree by Research course. Applicants should allow at least four weeks for processing before the scholarship due date. Only applicants with a course offer by the scholarship closing date will be considered for the scholarship
  2. We encourage all applicants to read the Scholarship Conditions (PDF) to understand the requirements on them as scholarship recipients
  3. Complete the Scholarship Application (DOC), including:

Send application to

Submit your scholarship application and documentation by the closing date for the scholarship:
By email:

You will be advised of the outcome via email as soon as possible, please allow up to six weeks.

Eligibility requirements

Minimum Scholarship Eligibility Requirements. (normally at least one of the following)

Scholarship1 Eligible
(H1 equivalent)
Eligible for strategic scholarships (Industry and International) and school allocation ranking
Course entry plus a completed Australian first class Bachelor Honours Degree2.
Course entry plus a completed Master’s Degree with the equivalent of 6 months full time research3 and a course weighted average of 70% or higher.
A current research doctoral enrolment with a timely Confirmation of Candidature4.
Completion of the first year of an ECU Integrated PhD (J42) with a course weighted average of 70% or higher.
Course entry plus at least one sole or first5 authored:
  • refereed6 article in a scholarly journal (HERDC C1); OR
  • refereed6 full written conference publication (HERDC E1); OR
  • scholarly research book or book chapter (HERDC A1, A2 or B); OR
  • commissioned or peer reviewed6 creative work, or refereed exhibition of creative artefacts (HERDC J1 or J2); OR
  • creative or design work that has received respected public/industry reviews in state or national/international media; OR
  • creative or design work that is the recipient of a grant from authorised philanthropic trusts and/or state and federal arts funding body
  1. If eligible for a scholarship, a student may elect to enrol in the PhD or Masters by Research program.
  2. At least 25% of the honours assessment must be determined by the project/thesis component that was formally examined.
  3. The six months may include research, research training and independent study. At a minimum research must involve a research output which includes the conception and design of the project, and analysis and interpretation of findings.
  4. A 'timely' doctoral confirmation of candidature is one that is completed not more than 12 months FTE after commencement of the degree.
  5. First author means either sole first author or joint first author as declared in the publication. First author is a proxy for the student having been through an equivalent experience to an Honours 1 graduate. That is, conducting an independent research project, taking responsibility for all aspects of the research process under supervision, writing a thesis and having it examined by two independent examiners and having it rated and assessed at Honours 1 level.
  6. An acceptable peer review process is "one that involves impartial and independent assessment or review of the research publication in its entirety before publication, conducted by independent, qualified experts. Independent in this context means independent of the author" (2015 Higher Education Research Data Collection Specifications).


Special exemption from the above requirements may be granted by the Associate Dean (Research) of the relevant School where an adequate case has been made by a potential supervisor. Cases where it is accepted that an applicant without an Honours qualification "is equivalent level of academic attainment to Honours" have to be justified with supporting statements from the potential supervisor.
Applicants must not have completed any of the following:

  • An Australian Research Doctorate Degree or equivalent
  • A Master by research if seeking admission to and ECU Master by research

Previous scholarship recipients

Applicants who were awarded or currently hold the following will not be eligible to apply for this scholarship:

  • Either an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or an APA (Industry) scholarship, unless it was terminated within 6 months of the scholarships commencement
  • An Australian Government-funded Postgraduate Research Award (excluding an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship), unless it was terminated within six months of the commencement of benefits.
    NB - This condition may be relaxed at ECU’s discretion for an ECUPRS recipient
  • Another substantial scholarship provided by ECU (e.g. scholarships awarded by a School or Research Centre)
  • Another substantial scholarship provided by an external provider


  • Australian citizen
  • Australian permanent humanitarian visa
  • Australian permanent resident visa
  • New Zealand citizen

Level of study

  • HDR - Higher Degree Research (including Master by research)


  • Any

Study mode

  • Full-time on-campus

Related Scholarships

The below scholarship/s are assessed together and do not require a separate application.

  • ECU Postgraduate Research Scholarship (ECUPRS)
  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)

Applicant information


It is important to ensure your application includes as much information as possible together with the supporting documentation as following the closing date, additional documents cannot be added to an application.

Referee reports

Each applicant is required to make arrangements for the provision of two (2) academic referee reports. Academic Referee Reports may be used in the assessment process of a scholarship application. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that referee reports are returned to the Scholarships Office by the scholarship closing date.

Documents in a language other than English

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all documentation not presented in English is accompanied by an authorised English translation. This means that applicants must provide copies of the qualification or documentation in the original language and an official English translation.

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