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Globalisation and Shopping Malls as cathedrals of consumption

This project is a study of shopping malls across the world. The photographic art work taken in over twenty-one cities in the northern and southern hemispheres over the last seven years, mainly focus on the interior commercial spaces that reflect globalisation and hyper-capitalism in the 21st Century. The photography follows in the tradition of the urban documentary photographer Eugene Atgetā€™s extensive study of Paris shop fronts and architecture in the early 20th Century before the modernisation of the city. The documentation of shopping malls is of relevance in the early 21st Century as a record of the physical and sensory consumers spaces that are increasingly facing competition through online shopping, which has lead to increased vacancy rates in shopping malls and also a demise in pedestrian traffic. As a response, shopping malls have increasingly focused on lifestyle and entertainment features, as well as stimulating visual displays to lure shoppers. The photographic collection and theoretical discussion considers the styles and sights of shopping malls that are designed to confront and seduce gendered consumers.


Associate Professor Panizza Allmark

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