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Authentic Innovation in the Animation Industry

The animation industry is dominated by a small number of major players including Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Nippon, Pixar and Walt Disney. Given this situation it is difficult for smaller animation firms or even firm clusters to break into the market. Indeed, there are many signs that animation sectors in developing countries function as a form of cost effective labour for the major animation firms.

The international trends in cultural exports are also ominous since it is widely recognized that US and English language based cultural products are on an increasing long-term trend. This project focuses on the management of innovation in a developing economy in an industry dominated by a small number of players through an investigation of the animation industry in Malaysia.


Dr Susan Standing
Prof Craig Standing


2015 - 2016

Research Question

The aim of this project is to examine how authenticity can be used as a differentiator and driver for innovation in a competitive environment of global networks. To achieve this Dr. Susan Standing and Professor Craig Standing examined some successful Malaysian animation firms to identify the critical components that have enabled them to flourish and compete internationally.

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