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Construction Safety Council Competency Framework Review

This study will assess the logic and robustness of the Health and Safety Competency Framework developed by the Construction Safety Council of New Zealand. If found necessary recommendations will be made for further work that would further improve the framework.

Scope of the review

The study will review Tier 1 of the Health and Safety Competency Framework. Tier 1 is intended for new entrants or those with limited experience who require direct supervision to ensure they have a base level of Health and Safety knowledge applicable to all construction sites.

The focus of Tier 1 competencies is to ensure that the individual recognises hazards and keeps themselves safe from those hazards, and that their actions do not endanger others.

The review will develop mechanisms that:

  • introduce standardisation and transparency in Health and Safety competencies for all construction types (commercial, residential, civil and specialist trades);
  • recognise the various roles on a construction site and the corresponding Health and Safety competencies;
  • provide a national benchmark for Health and Safety competencies that can form the basis of training and/or integration with existing qualifications and licensing regimes;
  • reach the many thousands of small/medium enterprises that make up the construction sector including the casualisation of the construction workforce; and
  • reduce unnecessary duplication and waste that further reduces productivity (a major focus for Government and the sector).

Research methods

The existing framework will be reviewed giving particular regard to:

  • ­the alignment with Health and Safety roles and accountabilities on construction sites and thus the chances of obtaining traction;
  • its alignment with existing Health and Safety competency qualifications such as those contained in existing New Zealand Quality Assurance unit standards, trade qualifications and the renewal of trade licences (or registrations); and
  • the completeness of the Tier 1 matrix of generic hazards and the Health and Safety competencies identified to address them (with particular regard to the process by which these were developed and the way in which they are to be assessed).

Semi-structured interviews will be conducted with a representative sample group, to establish their agreement to use the ‘framework’ as a key measure to evaluate prospective providers’ services.


  • Dr Susanne Bahn, Lead Chief Investigator
  • Assoc Prof Felicity Lamm, Chief Investigator (Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research, Auckland University of Technology)

Funding body

  • Construction Safety Council New Zealand


December 2013 to April 2014

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