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The services sector, which is the core focus of this research centre, accounts for over 80% of Australian jobs and over 70% of Gross Domestic Product (ABS).

The specific sectors that are key to our research account for 22% of Australian employment. They include Retail (10.5%), Financial services (4.7%), Accommodation and Food (6.7%) and Art and Recreation (1.8%).

Centre objectives

The Centre has three key objectives as outlined in the research operational plan:

  1. Focus the School’s research and depth, and improve standing of research centres.
  2. Continue to expand our research outcomes by significantly increasing research income and quality publications.
  3. Attract and retain quality higher degrees by research students.

Areas of research

The Markets and Services Research Centre is focused on research in the following three areas of high economic impact.

Well-functioning financial markets and services are essential to the health and growth of all global economies. Financial markets deal with the trading of financial products such as equities, bonds, commodities and exchange rates.

Financial services are those services provided by the finance sector such as economics, accounting and banking services.

Our research into these areas incorporates all global markets, and has a strong focus on the development of innovative financial modelling and financial risk management techniques.

Tourism is a growth sector within the global economy. In 2012 there were more than one billion tourist arrivals worldwide (UNWTO 2013 p. 6).

Our research into this phenomenon investigates the interactions between the various elements within the tourism system.

Particular areas of focus include:

  • hotel operations and management;
  • visitor perceptions;
  • event management; and
  • niche tourism sectors such as community based, cruise ship, geo and food and wine.

Marketing is embedded in all economic sectors, and critical to the success and sustainability of any profit or non-profit organisation. It manages the nexus between customer wants and an organisation’s offerings.

As a key management philosophy, marketing under pins the value of a business in terms of its value to customers, employees, organisational stakeholders and society.

Our research in this area includes:

  • market analysis,
  • branding,
  • consumption behaviour,
  • mobile marketing, and
  • a service sector focus including destination marketing, food preparation and consumption choices and customer loyalty.

Advisory Committee Members

  • Andrea Hughes
    Regional Marketing Manager WA, Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
  • Steve Marmion
    Economic Development Advisor, City of Joondalup.
  • Professor Dick Mizerski
    Emeritus Research Professor of Marketing at University of Western Australia.
  • Dr. Duc Vo
    Head, Research and Modelling Branch, Economic Regulation Authority in Western Australia, and Visiting Professor  at Economic University Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.
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