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World Class Environmental Philosophy Comes to FBL

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World Class Environmental Philosophy Comes to FBL

Innovative ideas and insightful research heads to ECU with Professor Peter Wenz from the University of Illinois.

Peter Wenz, Emeretus Professor of Environmental Psychology, was a guest speaker at ECU in April.  The hour long event was open to all members of the university, industry and community at large and took place in the Council Champers in the Joondalup campus.

Peter Wenz. Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Illinois at Springfield and University Scholar of the University of Illinois, is one of those ageing, leftist, feminist, environmentalist vegetarians often seen jogging near universities.

He has his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and has taught in England, Scotland, and New Zealand. His writing concentrates on practical philosophy, including environmental justice, environmental ethics, and political philosophy.

Peter has had published more than forty articles or book chapters and has six books in print: Environmental Justice (SUNY 1988); Abortion Rights as Religious Freedom (Temple Univ. Press 1992); Nature's Keeper (Temple Univ. Press 1996); Environmental Ethics Today (Oxford Univ. Press 2001); Political Philosophies in Moral Conflict(McGraw-Hill 2007); and Beyond Red and Blue (MIT Press 2009).

A fantastic presenter, Peter spoke of plural values in environmental decision making.



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