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Dr John Ryan

Dr John Ryan

Dr John Ryan

"The atmosphere is innovative, interdisciplinary and connected to real world issues, and the research supervisors are experienced and encouraging."

"My decision to move from the USA to conduct my doctoral studies at ECU was made after speaking to staff at the University and being assured my research interests would be well supported. The ECU International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (ECU-IPRS) was also a major incentive in beginning my course. Since arriving I’ve found ECU to have a wonderful and lively environment, offering a balance between individual scholarly endeavour and a sense for a larger research community."

Communications PhD graduate


The School of Communications and Arts (SCA) offers a large and diverse mix of courses, designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to live, work and contribute to the complex technological and creative culture of the 21st Century.

SCA delivers programs that offer exciting professional and vocational opportunities, and more importantly, the ability to engage at a deeper level through lifelong learning, in subjects that make a significant long-term contribution to our national and cultural identity. This is reflected within our unique approach to teaching and collaborative research, and is evidenced through a range of achievements both collectively and individually, and through regular employment for our graduates across a number of creative industries and professions.

Our course structures are designed to encourage both focused and inter-disciplinary pathways of study, and are supported by internationally recognised academic and support staff. The School has state-of-the-art facilities within an exciting multi-arts environment that makes SCA a great place to study.

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