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The Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications (CREATEC) is a Level II research centre. Originally an initiative of the former Faculty of Communications and Creative Industries (CCI) (now Education and Arts), CREATEC is supported by both the School of Communications and Arts (SCA), and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), and actively supports staff and postgraduate students in applying for research grants.

The centre attained Level II status in April 2006.


CREATEC’s objectives include increasing research and creative output through nationally competitive research grants, partnerships and dissemination of research through quality publications programs that benefit the community and industry. As a Level II research centre, CREATEC transfers knowledge by promoting and organising seminars, conferences, publications and exhibition opportunities.

The focus is to promote collaborative teamwork within the faculty to help develop successful research programs, including nationally competitive research grants, partnerships and dissemination of research through quality publications.

Key focus areas

Collaboration with industry, government and community

CREATEC’s aim is to collaborate with community, government and industry to provide innovative research solutions and knowledge transfer that have beneficial impact and solves real-world problems.

We raise the research profile of ECU within the media, communications, technology and creative industries to local community, government and industry groups. The focus is collaborative research through the following groups:

  • Contemporary Arts & Performance;
  • Contemporary Visual Arts;
  • Design and Interaction;
  • Landscape and Language;
  • Media, Culture and Society;
  • Space, Place, Body and Technology;
  • Time, Text and People;
  • Music; and
  • Dance.

The centre is seeking collaborators who might wish to participate in a research or development project. Present us with a real-world problem and we will seek the solutions by finding the right mix of collaborators, funding, resources and expertise.

Promoting research culture and student/staff mentoring

CREATEC promotes a research culture, and fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration between research groups, faculties, individuals and other universities. It also aims to promote a research-mentoring program, which encourages Professors and Associate Professors to collaborate with early career researchers through regular seminars and workshops. CREATEC runs weekly research seminars and encourages academics, non-academics, adjunct and higher degree by research candidates to present.

Collaboration with other universities

CREATEC encourages visiting scholars to engage in collaborative opportunities, provide expert knowledge and assists in projects as needed.

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